Terms & Conditions

Alcohol Raffles

  • Participants must be aged18 years old or over

Rules of the 100 Club

  • £30 for a 100 club hunting season subscription
  • Prizes will be drawn on the 1st of every month, starting 1st December 2020, ending 1st March 2020. 1st = £100 2nd = £50 3rd = £25
  • Players can join after the first monthly draw (1st December) but the subscription cost will remain the same.
  • The club will only be open to players over 18
  • Members may have multiple subscriptions.
  • The numbers can be chosen by the player on a first come first served basis and will remain their number for the whole season.
  • There is no provision to opt in/out on a month-by-month basis.
  • The draw shall not commence until at least 50 tickets have been sold.
  • Numbers are not valid until money has been received

Calendar Competition

  • Participants must have purchased the current hunt calendar