Dear Burton Hunt subscribers and followers

As a token of thanks to Tony Morris for his many years as Master we have had caps made with his namesake on.  I am sure you will all agree that anyone and everyone who has had a day hunting with Tony will have never experienced such kindness and consideration from one person.  Time and time again he would go above and beyond his responsibilities and single handedly run the car parking, gate opening, stopping hounds running into danger, falling off more times than he really needed to and all to make our days so much fun and leaving us with memories which will always bring smiles to our faces.  He has done an enormous amount of fund raising for the Hunt and by buying a cap you will not only be showing your appreciation but you will also be helping The Burton Hunt.  Tony is and has always been a flask half full person (brimming actually) and a spare. 

The caps will be sale through Tom and Jessica Regis at most meets, there are a limited amount of caps so to save disappointment please buy your hat here.