Under the title ‘The Wayward Hounds’ a team of subscribers masters and hunt staff from the Atherstone Hunt have entered a 10k mud run in order to raise money towards maintenance costs of their 200 year old kennel building, in particular the hound lodges and also for the Leicestershire Air Ambulance.

This is an organised event unrelated to hunting but which they believe will give them a hounds perspective of crossing country. We will be wading through rivers and ditches climbing over man-made obstacles and encountering more mud than frankly we are comfortable with all without the usual assistance of our horses.

Many hunts have been experiencing difficult times & we believe that it is in everyone’s interest that hunts support each other during such times. In this venture we have the backing of This is Hunting UK, Hound Magazine and Horse and Hound who wish to use the event to gain positive publicity for hunting people which is to the benefit of all hunts.

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